Saturday, February 11, 2012

Enclave (Razorland #1) by Ann Aguirre

Enclave is based in post apocalyptic NYC where people have gone to live underground in the subway tunnels. Everybody's lives have been truncated and they live together in communes called enclaves. This book is about Deuce, a Huntress in the College enclave who is paired with Fade, another Hunter from what they call "Topside." Hunters make up part of the societal system in the enclave; the other two groups are Breeders and Builders. Hunters leave the enclave and go into the subway tunnels where they find food and battle Freaks (they sound like zombie meets animal since they have claws). Freaks eat humans, but Hunters fight them off to protect the enclave. For some reason, they seem to be getting smarter, and Deuce disobeys orders at some point and is sent with Fade to Nassau enclave, which is about three days away. There, they find all of Nassau's people eaten by the fat and happy Freaks that roam that enclave. Terrified, they return to College enclave and report what they have seen and what they think--that Freaks are getting smarter. The elders of the enclave (that are about 25 years old...Fade and Deuce are fifteenish) wave that off and think they are silly. Deuce finds that Fade (a man with a mysterious past of his own) is part of a quiet rebellion against the elders and how the enclave is set up. Deuce believes in the elders and what they tell them (that acid rain burns things Topside, that no one can survive up there, etc), but is appalled when she figures out that Fade is right when one of her friends is framed for hoarding (something that receives banishment from the enclave). Deuce claims that she is the one who framed her friend, a fact that people know is not true, and Fade says that he helped her. They are banished from College enclave and are sent Topside, where Deuce finds that the elders have lied about a lot of things. From there, Fade and Deuce scavenge the remains of NYC and battle against the gangers, as they call them. Eventually they end up heading north, where "Fade's sire" (father) told him that it was safer, but along the way, the run into more Freaks. Will they ever be safe? I thought this was a great book and a fun read, it made me really think I was running around the subway tunnels and battling Freaks. I am pretty sure there will be a sequel to this, and I am looking forward to it!

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