Sunday, January 26, 2014

Horde (Razorland #3) by Ann Aguirre

This book picks up where Outpost left us. Since I read it recently, I cannot accurately judge if Aguirre left me enough "breadcrumbs" to remember where the last book left off. Anyway, the Freaks have destroyed Salvation and seem to be getting smarter with each new generation. Deuce and Company go to a nearby town (Soldier's Pond) to get help to defeat the horde (group of Freaks), but when they return, it is more of a rescue mission than anything. While in Soldier's Pond, Deuce is not allowed to join their military to fight the Freaks, so she decides to make a military of her own by convincing volunteers to fight with her. She travels around the countryside, visiting other small settlements, but is often laughed out of town. Deciding that it is best to prove the worth of her small army, they stake out a forest close to Soldier's Pond and defend it from any Freaks that come into it. Word travels about how well she and her army are doing and eventually towns that originally ignored them need her help. But there are so many Freaks and not enough humans to defeat them. Will Deuce get enough volunteers and outwit the Freaks?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: reading preview

Last year, I had a goal of 40 books, which was quite successful as a goal, compared to 2012's goal of 52 (I read 47). So I am keeping the goal the same for this year, but do not have any extra long books on the agenda, unlike 2013's The Stand and 11/22/63.

This year, I want to focus on books about creativity, since I have a parallel goal of making 40 books (this does not mean writing 40 books, but I also book bind...this can be followed on


Out of Our Minds
by Ken Robinson

The Element
by Ken Robinson

Finding Your Element
by Ken Robinson

Creative Confidence
by Tom Kelley and David Kelley

The Accidental Creative
by Todd Henry

The Creative Habit
by Twyla Tharp

Daily Rituals
by Mason Currey

The Myths of Creativity
by David Burkus

The Rise of the Creative Class
by Richard Florida

Zig Zag
by Keith Sawyer


by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Living and Sustaining a Creative Life
by Sharon Louden